CYO Scholarship Winners

In 2014, the CYO awarded our first annual scholarship to two eighth grade students (one boy and one girl) who truly personify the CYO concept and values. They were chosen because of their strong character and commitment to the CYO mission.

Congratulations to our 2013-14 school year winners, Michael Viggiano and Danielle McCurdy. Each wrote a short essay during the application process, which we would like to share with our readers (see below).

8th graders may apply for the 2014-15 school year scholarship in April of 2015…check your emails and the CYO website.


Essay Submitted by Michael Viggiano

I have been playing CYO sports for eight years at St. Albert’s because I am proud of my school! I became better friends with my classmates on the field or court, and that made going to school a lot more fun!

The CYO sports program helped me to figure out which sports I hope to continue playing in the future! I will always be grateful to my CYO coaches, who taught me not only about the sports that I play, but about myself, teamwork, self-discipline, sportsmanship, how to work through performance slumps, handle defeat and celebrate victory! Thank you so much!!

Essay Submitted by Danielle McCurdy

CYO sports has had a positive impact on my life. They have taught me the importance of prayer. Praying as a team inspired me to pray to myself at non-related CYO sporting events.

CYO sports taught me leadership. This year I was captain of the varsity basketball team. I felt as if the girls looked up to me. This honor did not only bring out the best in me, but brought out the best in my teammates too. I can’t thank them enough for that. Most importantly, CYO sports have taught me the value of teamwork, and that we can achieve more when we work together.

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