A Message from the Treasurer

In an effort to keep you informed, I want to take a moment to explain our current financial state and our new payment policies that will take effect with the launch of this new website.

While the CYO has not been immune to weak economic conditions, I am pleased to report we remain financially very solvent due in part to the generosity of our donors and careful fiscal management.  Our commissioners have done an exceptional job of balancing the budgets of the individual sports programs with minimal or no increase of registration fees.  Though we have tightened the belt, customer service remains at the forefront of our efforts.  Our goal is to meet the needs of participants while improving daily operations and fostering an environment that will support future growth of the CYO program.

The CYO board has spent considerable time evaluating our revenue, expenses, policies and procedures to more effectively and efficiently fund the growing costs associated with operating the organization.  Rising insurance and facility use fees, need for additional qualified coaches, and limited grant funding, are some of the many factors that require the board to rethink its policies.  Hence, we updated our website and will use this new site to include an online registration and payment feature that will significantly reduce transaction costs to the CYO and require no additional fees to be passed to the registrant.

Once the new website and registration system are launched, the following policy changes will take effect:

  • All participants must register through this website for all sports.
  • Standard forms required by the Archdiocese will be provided during the registration process for your convenience.
  • It will be mandatory that payment be made online at the time of registration via credit card or Paypal. There is NO additional fee to register and pay online.
  • For families experiencing financial difficulties and would like to request alternate payment arrangements, please complete the form below.
  • If your alternate payment arrangements are not fulfilled by the due date, no uniform will be issued until the account is paid in full.
  • If your account remains in delinquent status, you will be unable to register for subsequent sports until the account is paid in full.

The new website will create a “one-stop shop” experience for registration, payment, and communication.  We believe these changes will be beneficial to the volunteer commissioners, the parish families, and the organization.  The CYO relies profoundly on the volunteer members who donate their time and expertise to make the organization and its programs successful.  The online payments will expedite registration and roster creation while relieving the commissioners of the lengthy collections process.  Parish families will benefit from the elimination of transaction fees associated with online registration and no longer having to wait long periods for checks to clear during the registration process.

Finally, we encourage anyone who has fallen on hard times or has lingering financial difficulties to contact Msgr. Dougherty to discuss the situation.  We strive to include all children of the parish in our programs regardless of financial ability.  Your situation will be kept confidential.

Anyone having questions or concerns may contact me through the form below.  I welcome your feedback and will bring it to the attention of the board.

Thank you,

Anthony Vega

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