$10,000.00 Cow Chip Bingo Event

**COW CHIP BINGO…$10,000.00 Grand Prize**

The CYO is hosting a Cow Chip Bingo and Family Fun Day Fundraiser.

Chances are $20 for one randomly selected block on our grid.  A cow will be released on our lined field to do her “business,” and whichever block her “chip” lands in will determine the winner of the $10,000.00 prize.

Join us on May 17, 2015 beginning at 1 pm…bring your family and friends.  We will have something for everyone: Food, Beverages, Face Painting, Moon Bounces, DJ, Games, Prizes.

An additional prize will also be awarded to the ticket seller of the grand prize winning land deed. We are looking for adult ticket sellers to reach non-parishioners, and students to cover shifts after masses and during CYO sporting events.  If you are interested in becoming a ticket seller, please contact Gina Meissler.

Ticket Purchasing Options:


Need more information on how Cow Chip Bingo works?  Click on this link to view our flyer:  Cow Chip Bingo Flyer

 **COW CHIP BINGO…$10,000.00 Grand Prize**

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